Quality Certifications

Medi-Care voluntarily applied for the implementation of the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system in order to adopt a policy of high performance and effectiveness. For this reason, Medi-Care seeks to take in and execute various obligatory legislative changes and apply them in the economic and organizational level, so that develop and provide services based on a concept of quality.
Medi-Care has therefore endorsed a new principle of approaching processes self-controlled by the quality system through the:

  • clear identification of activities;
  • suitability of human resources;
  • monitoring of facilities and infrastructure, equipment and environments;
  • recognition of adequate process indicators, analysis and forecasting for improvement.

Medi-Care also fosters the development of economically sustainable and productive health-care policy models: adopted for this reason, general or specific behavior in all areas of medical intervention for the optimization of the available resources and the reduction of expenses, being either public or private. The necessities and opportunities are periodically re-evaluated in order to localize the needs and acquire the additional equipments. Effectiveness in all of the activities and high comfort are granted for the patients by the implemented quality system and respecting the maximum waiting times identified by the Lombardy Region.

Medi-Care's working methods encourages and promotes the:
  • sensation of belonging to a group;
  • participation of all actors of the system in decision-making;
  • standardization of procedures;
  • transparency of control, collaboration and responsibilities;
  • high-tech equipment supplies;
  • continuous training and formation of all actors of the system.


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